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Ice or Crystal Meth - What's the Difference?

Ice or Crystal Meth - What's the Difference?

Hello all here reading this article from David L. (Recovering Alcoholic/Addict)
I have to tell you that I have never used Meth once. I did almost try it at a party in Colorado where i was living at the time, and I was completely drunk off my ass! 
Addicted to Meth

 I thank my higher power for not allowing me to use Meth that evening because who knows what would have happened. I have a severe addictional personality and I can honestly almost 100% say that if i were to use that Meth that night, I would probably be hooked like the many out there.

I have researched numerous posts and articles to give you this article below. From what i have seen and heard not only by word of mouth but in the 5 rehabs i have been in that Meth is the most addicting and harmful drug of today.
I would be very scared to even try Meth if given the chance just from all the research i have done on this drug. If you are a Meth user, please read this article and I truly hope you get the help you need to get the hell away from this crap! Because from what i have heard and learned from my research, this drug was designed to completely ruin your life!
Thank You, David L. (Recovering Alcoholic/Addict)

The full term Ice is ill-used most generally in the Hawaiian islands. Crystal Ice is a strain of methamphetamine hydrochloride, as a matter of fact it is methamphetamine in its most perfect material  and may seem like tiny crystallized rocks.

Additional full terms for this type of methamphetamine include crystal methamphetamine and glass. This methamphetamine is recognized to be even more habit-forming than regular methamphetamine since it's more complete when ingested. Ice or crystal Meth is commonly smoked, nonetheless, it can be squashed and snorted or crushed and fixed into a fluid form and ingested intravenously.
The primary difference of opinion between “regular methamphetamine” and ice or Crystal Methamphetamine is that ice is produced in what are stated to be “super laboratories” and on a much greater scale than household prepared methamphetamine.

 The procedure in which ice or crystal Meth is extracted can be very difficult to make in the average methamphetamine laboratory. About most of the times, the average, more inexpensive methamphetamine passed out on the street has been cut down numerous times to dilute it further and provide the Meth drug dealer to make numerous net profits. The "high" is nonetheless still the equal, yet it does not hold up as long nor does it feel as potent.

Since ice is more often than not cooked up in bigger laboratories that would be more promiscuous to discover here in the United States., more times than not the Methamphetamine is imported from Mexico and additional countries and bootlegged into the United States.

WHAT IS CRYSTAL Methamphetamine?

Crystal methamphetamine is short for crystal Meth. It's just 1 form of the drug Meth.

Meth is a white crystal clear drug that people consume by snorting it (inhaling by the nose), smoking it or interjecting it with a needle.

Further more, several even take it by mouth, but all eventually evolve with a serious super-stong  desire to go along with using it for that  the Meth drug produces a simulated sensation of feeling happy and well being —a stimulated rush  (strong sensing) of assurance, hyper activeness and vigor. One, in addition to, feels a huge decrease in their appetite. These drug effects more often than not last from 6 to 8 hrs, but can last upwards to 24 hrs.

The 1st experience may postulate a few delights, but from the beginning, Meth starts out ruining the drug users life and spirit.

What is Meth?

 Meth is an illegal drug in the same category as cocaine and additional potent drugs of abuse. It has many nicknames, crank, chalk or speed being the most common.

Crystal methamphetamine is used by people of all ages, but is most generally ill-used as a “nightclub drug,” consumed when partying in night clubs or at rave parties. It is more common now days to hear the actual  street name of Meth as "ice" or "glass".

It's a serious life threatening and dangerous, powerful chemical and, as with all drugs, a poisonous substance that 1st behaves like a stimulating drug but and then eventually starts out to consistently ruin the human body.

Therefore, it's affiliated with life-threatening health circumstances, including amnesia, aggressiveness, psycho demeanor and possible heart and brain damage.

 Extremely addictive and also extremely habit forming, methamphetamine erupts the substance abusers human organic structure resources, producing a desolating addiction that can only be remedied by consuming additional amounts of the Meth Drug.

Crystal methamphetamines effect and overall result  is extremely concentrated, and many drug users describe they they get "Hooked" and are completely addicted to Meth from the very 1st time they ever use the drug.

***(Wow !... I am so grateful I have never used this because knowing my personal highly addictive personality, I would most likely loved the drug)***

Here is a photo of someone who has what is a horrible case of "Meth Mouth"... This happens to several Methamphetamine users.

*** below is a quote from a Methamphetamine user: ***

“...I smoked it at one time and BANG! I was hooked,” said 1 methamphetamine drug addict who eventually lost his entire family, all of his friends, his career job as a musician and wounded up being homeless..."

*** (just a quick reminder that pretty much all drugs including alcohol can eventually lead you down this dark, scary, horrible road at one point!)***

Therefore, methamphetamine is among the most difficult drug dependencies and addictions to treat and care for and numerous methamphetamine drug users sooner or later pass away and die in its clutch.

*** below is another quote from a Meth user: ***

“...I began using crystal methamphetamine when I was a senior in high school. Prior to my 1st semester of college was just finishing up, methamphetamine converted into a gigantic problem for me which, eventually, I dropped out of college altogether.

 I appeared to others like I had chicken pox, from hrs of gazing at myself in the mirror and pecking at myself. (which allot of Meth users do)  I spent all my time either doing methamphetamine, or trying to get it...”


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